RectiQ-performArt infusion   for actively performing female vocalists
© Recticity Pty Ltd , Australia
Take note that strict selection criteria are unavoidable in the first instance  Performance constraints imposed by us include song selection , background vocals , musical instrument choices , mic placements and reproduction quality , amplifier choice , effects , venue volume settings and support performers    We devise personal presentation and vocalisation constraints ; strict controls shall thereafter apply We are NOT talent managers , our role is one of female artist optimisation and quality assurers in a public performance environment , in line with our general business interests . Our role does not , by explicit intent , include administration or organisation We come , we experience , we analyse , we enhance performances Recti-Stentor technology , in full or in part , will likely become an essential part of performance success , something that will need to be considered by the performing party well before initial consultation phase as this implies an immediate and irreversible reliance on our technological expertise
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